The MCC Look To Bring Cricket Up To Date With Major Law Changes

We might yet see the Red Card appear on a cricket pitch somewhere as umpires are given the power to send players off. They can be dismissed for poor on-field behaviour. That might see an end to all that ridiculous sledging.

We should see some devices appear that will keep the bails attached to the wicket so they cannot fly off and cause injuries like we have seen already, predominantly to wicketkeepers.

The dimensions of the all-important bat have now been looked at and limits have been set for the thickness of the edges and the overall depth of bat.

Bowlers are also getting looked at and any bowling of front foot no-balls on purpose will be treated in the same way as deliberate full-tosses. Bowlers will be given a warning for one and banned from bowling if they do it a second time.

The rather curious change is that if the wicketkeeper cannot continue then one of the current players must take over and not the replacement. We would have thought that being a wicketkeeper is a rather specialised position, much like a front-row player in rugby, and should only be replaced by another wicketkeeper.

We guess we can only really judge it come October 1st when the new Laws come in around the world.

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