Justine Greening: So Just What Is An “Ordinary Working Family” In Her Eyes?

The desire of this tory politician to show just how witless she is never ceases to amaze us all here at TheField Towers. Just when we imagine she is done she then comes out with another clanger.

May-Day has obviously been hurt by the suggestion that her desire for ‘the good old days when I went to school’ is really only about a school system that supports and is only for “the privileged few”. She is obsessed with trying to convince voters she is the party for the ‘working family’ and not the reality of the fact she leads the Nasty Party for the 1%.

Study after study shows that family income and educational attainment are linked. Especially in the early years. She has decided that the game to play is to redefine what ‘working families’ mean. Why, that’s, that’s, that’s genius!!

The average national salary is £27,600 which, as everyone knows, means some people earn more than that but, as likely as not, that just as many earn less than that. Many would see this as a definition and a threshold of a ‘working family’. May-Day sees that as too low and wants to change their perception.

Step forward Justine ‘Lapdog {thank you for the job}’ Greening. She has been told to redefine the threshold as £33,000. Where the hell did that come from?

Do remember that all this time and the vast sum of money being used by May-Day and Greening is to create very few school places and so many parents who like the idea of their little Tarquin going to the Grammar School are going to be very, very disappointed.

While all this nonsense carries on the vast majority of school children continue to go to underfunded schools all over the country.


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