Only A Bunch Of Half-Wits Would Make Two Changes – So Here We Have The Tories

There has probably never been a time in our history when exam grades were more important. The right grade can open doors throughout a child’s life that will make a difference to the rest of their entire life. What nobody should be doing at this time is to introduce any insecurity of any sort to the system. It is not fair on the children, their parents, their teachers or the country.

The tories have said, “bollox to all that!” First up that shit-for-brains, Gollum Gove, wanted the exams to be ‘harder’. Now in a sensible world all would need to do is raise the pass mark. Too obvious for Gollum. He decided that they all needed to be changed. That idiot Morgan simply repeated whatever Gollum told her and, let’s be honest, Greening doesn’t know her arse from her elbow.

So teachers are presented with a new syllabus and an exam that rewards different criteria. That alone would be bad enough to cause panic and confusion in all the students taking the exams.

Not enough for the conveyor-belt of Gollum Clones; oh no. What they then did was completely change the grading system! They decided A* to G was no longer suitable so have changed it to the numbers 1 to 9.

Now in a sensible world, the Top of the Pops, the Number 1, the Top Dog would naturally be a Grade 1. Oh no! That’s the lowest grade – although there doesn’t seem to be any mention of Ungraded. The Top Grade is a 9. No confusion there then. It’s like a script for ‘Carry On Testing’ – none of the ministers have a bloody clue.

Just to add to the confusion, the grades A* to G only cover 8 grades whereas we now have 9. Brilliant!

Really, you shouldn’t even let this lot loose in a Clown Park!

What Could Possible Go Wrong?


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