Clueless Tories Pledge Energy Cap Having Ridiculed Miliband For The Very Same Idea

Back at the time of the last General Election the Labour leader at the time proposed a cap on energy charges to stop the companies repeatedly putting the price up when the markets went up. The problem was, when the markets went down, they were not bringing them back down. He thought that wasn’t very fair.

The arrogant tory gits didn’t want their donor friends in the energy business being penalised so they accused him of “a sleight of hand” and claimed that people would end up “paying more for their electricity”. All complete bollox, naturally.

Well now that May-Day has called a panic election they have suddenly realised that they will need to put some ideas into a manifesto. As most of them are the result of inbreeding the shit-for-brains will never come up with any ideas on their own. So what they have done is copied the one from Miliband that they all ridiculed at the time!

It will come has no surprise that the arse licking Damian Green is behind this plagiarism because he hasn’t had a thought of his own for about twenty years now!


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