Vile Esther McVey Has Her Eye On The Seat Left Vacant By Giddy Osborne

The poor people of Tatton are going to have to suffer the dreadful Esther McVile knocking on their door and asking them to vote for her; if she can find where it is!

Quite apart from just what a dreadful individual she is it is amazing the level of contempt she shows for the people of Tatton. Having been ‘devoted’ to Wirral West at the last election it now seems she thinks that it’s all at Tatton – well now there is a vacant seat there anyway.

This is the old crow who, when sacked by the sensible people of Wirral West, was given a £530-a-day job funded by the taxpayer. Anybody know how we benefited from this? No, we’ve no idea either!

The worrying thing is that the good people of Tatton did actually vote for Giddy. Heaven help us! What she might not know is that it is under consideration by the Boundary Commission and we could see end the of the Tatton constituency. No need to tell her that though!


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