As The Cak Hits The Fan Over The Garden Bridge, Boorish Johnson Is Nowhere To Be Seen

Given how much the tory buffoon likes to publicise himself at every opportunity it was odd he was not doing interviews today. Given he is just a spineless bully though it was hardly surprising that he would hide his face when confronted with this fiasco.

This was the Garden Bridge over the Thames. The privately sponsored gift to London that quickly drew in £60m of public money. Hell of a gift! In the fantasy world of those pushing this folly was also the ‘promise’ that this gift would cost an additional £3.5m a year for ever and a day!

As the illusion of the promise was destroyed it also became clear that the usual rules of tendering and procurement was totally ignored as what became known as “Chumocracy” appeared: ‘jobs for the boys’ as we know it.

Pushing all of this was the one and only clown of the Bullingdon Club, Boorish Johnson. He teamed up with Joanna Lumley and in his very tedious ‘ignore everything’ style totally disregarded all the necessary protocols. Johnson made sure that the engineering firm favoured by Lumley secured the bid and even allowed them to revise their bid at a later date than their competitors.

The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, took one look at this shambles and has scrapped the plans before they eat up anymore Londoners money. Some sanity at last. Now to get back the money that was swallowed up in the folly in the first place.


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