Dorset Knob Throwers Out In Force This Weekend

The annual event took up its new home at Kingston Maurward this weekend. Well over 4,000 knobbers turned out in force to get theirs out and to fling them as far as they could!

Contestants didn’t just get their knobs out and throw them. There was also knob archery, knob and spoon racing and pin the knob on the Cerne Giant.

Champion Knobber this year was Pete Asher who threw his bun the furthest in the rainy conditions at 22.70m (74.4ft). He was someway short of the record though. That is still held by Dave Phillips with an astounding 29.4m (96ft) throw in 2012.

Knob Facts –

The biscuit-textured buns have been made by Moores of Morecombelake for more than 150 years

Originally they were made from leftover bread dough with added butter and sugar, hand-rolled into buns and left to dry in the dying heat of the oven

It is thought their name comes from the hand-sewn Dorset knob buttons that were also made locally

They can be eaten with Blue Vinny cheese, dipped in tea or cider, or taken with honey and cream – known locally as thunder and lightning Link 1 and Link 2


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