Brexit Am-Dram From May-Day Isn’t Fooling Anybody

Difficult to say if she is playing the pantomime dame or the pantomime horse.

Having had such a lacklustre response to her campaigning the Old Lady of No. 10 has resorted to Donny Dump tactics! Now be honest, if you are looking to Donny Dump for ideas you really are in the shite!

Her line is that those in Europe are trying to influence the general election result. Getting her excuses in early? Given they have pretty much all stated that they don’t think we should leave then how come she’s surprised that some in Brussels want Brexit talks to fail? Is she really that thick?

There was no clearer indication that she is slowly losing her mind though as when she came out with the idea that Jeremy Corbyn was “playing party games with Brexit” to try to win the general election. D’oh, what does she think she is doing? You just couldn’t make it up!

Of course the problems are nothing to do with her and her approach to the ‘negotiations’. As usual she has looked around for somebody to blame and came up with, “Britain’s negotiating position in Europe has been misrepresented in the continental press”. See, it’s them, all them!

Harking back to her parrot mantra she also went for a Maggie-Maggie-Maggie image with, “If we do not stand up and get this negotiation right we risk the secure and well-paid jobs we want for our children and our children’s children too.”

The Old Lady of No. 10 really needs to stop rehearsing, lie down in a darkened room and contemplate retirement.

pantomime season

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