How Are The Likes Of Delta Flight Allowed To Get Away With This Sort Of Thing?

Why are people putting up with being treated like cattle by these air flight companies? Where else would anybody put up with it?

“Sorry, you’ll have to leave these front row seats because we have sold them twice over”. WTF is going on? Why are none of the authorities telling these companies that if they sell someone a ticket then they must, by law, provide the service they paid for and not look for some weasel way of getting out of it.

The fact than in the case the flight attendant could threaten the couple jail and having their children ‘in foster care’  is an absolute disgrace. She should be sacked – plain and simple.

What is more depressing is that all anybody else did was to video it. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the entire flight stand up and tell the attendant to bugger off! We guess in a Trump/May world that nobody gives a toss for anybody else now. What a world.

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