Dorset Runner Finishes 44 Marathons In 44 Days

Peter Thompson of Bournemouth has just achieved his goal of running 44 marathons on consecutive days. To make it just a little harder he did each one in a different country. He started his epic tour on 1 April and finished it on Sunday.

The travelling between each marathon involved “a mixture of trains, planes, buses, taxis, cars and ferries”. That sounds even worse than the running!

Peter did the runs to raise money for mental health charities Livability Holton Lee and Mind.

Although he rarely had time to sit down to a proper meal he said he had consumed about 6,000 calories each day – eating mainly sandwiches and chocolate.

He praised family, friends and running clubs in various countries who had “gone out of their way” to help him, including running with him at points along the route. Top man!

peter thompson runner

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