May Out To Axe Their One Hot Meal A Day

May Takes Away
Their One Hot Meal A Day

It has to be said – she doesn’t have any children. She cannot empathise with anybody beyond her tiny tory bubble. She doesn’t have a spine and may well not have a heart.

May-Day wants to cut the free school meal that, for some children, is their own hot meal of the day. At a time when they are already in school and can attend with everybody else she wants to ‘replace’ it with a breakfast. Full Irish is that May-Day? It’ll be cereal and cold milk.

Schools invested huge sums of money to equip their kitchens to be able to provide the meals so many children have come to rely upon. They have the staff, the facilities, the equipment and the will to carry on with this service.

The thing is ‘Maggie May, No Hot Meal Today’, wants to save some money. So that’s it. Using the old Smoke & Mirrors approach she claims she will replace them with a breakfast. It’s a load of bollox.

Where are the staff coming from early to prepare these meals? Where are the staff coming from to supervise these pupils? Where are these pupils coming from? How will parents, who genuinely struggle to get their offspring to school on time, get them there earlier to get a breakfast? Who is going to clear up after the meal and, in some cases, prepare the room for a class?

It’s all bollox from May. Back of a fag packet cak. Actually it’s probably only the side of a fag packet.

Jamie Oliver is a bit of a plonker but he has tried to help with the nutrition of our children. His message was very simple. “This is a disgrace.”

He added: “This move shows a complete lack of understanding of all the data that’s been shared and puts our future generations at huge risk, as well as further undermining our teachers who benefit from well-fed kids.

“What are they going to snatch back next?”

The trouble is that when you are a tory and your head is up your arse how will you ever hear anybody else?


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