Why Does It Feel Like The Media Are Just Shrugging Their Shoulders Over Tory Lack Of Costings?

Probably because that is exactly what it does look like. May-Day and her windbag Hammond have produced a fairy tale that they are trying to pass off as a manifesto. None of it is costed but one thing is very clear about it – its cuts for plebs like you and us here.

The media go into forensic-economics with every other party but when it comes to the Nasty Party they just accept any old cak they are told. Of course the big advantage for the Nasties is that if you don’t cost anything nobody knows for sure just how bad they will be hit until it is all too late.

You are left wondering just how stupid you would need to be to actually vote for any of these nasty chancers? We guess we will find out come 8th June.


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