“Strong & Stable” My Arse – Clueless & Spineless More Like It!

The thing to remember with all of this is that May-Day did not have to call an election. Every other party thought it wouldn’t come along for another three years. She called it so, in theory, she had a head start in all of this. Heaven help the poor old woman if she was any slower out of the blocks!!

Her secret planning has resulted in total chaos. If it involved anything other than running our country it would be funny. Given that it is about runnibg our country then it is a bloody disgrace.

From the get-go she has had her head up her arse – she actually believes all the sycophants that she constantly surrounds herself with. She has no eye on the real world and hasn’t had one for over 40 years. She is utterly clueless.

To then compound this with her reluctance to meet anybody who could be described as even remotely ‘the general public’ just emphasises how spineless she is as well.

Despite of all this she still thinks she can negotiate a great Brexit Deal for us. Some bloody chance!!

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