So Where WAS Theresa May Tonight?

The answer to that seems pretty simple – she was in hiding. Hiding away from the people she claims she wants to represent. Hiding away from a debate where we could make a judgement on her ability to cope under pressure. She wants us to believe that she will negotiate on our behalf with over 20 European leaders. We’d sooner believe in the Tooth Fairy.

This ‘Duck & Cover’ strategy seems to be favoured by May-Day but this could well have been her last opportunity to deploy it. Even if the Tories do win the election, heaven help us, it was pretty obvious tonight that, as far as Central Office is concerned, the keys to Number 10 will be handed over to Amber Rude.

May-Day could find she has been leader of her party and the country for the shortest time in history. At least she’d have SOMETHING to be remembered for.


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