We Are Becoming Increasingly Concerned For The Welfare Of Tess May-Day

The poor old woman of Number 10 seems to be struggling more and more every day that passes. She has never appeared to have much of a grasp of the world the rest of us live in but this has now become acute.

She stands there looking like she is listening but then she responds. It instantly becomes apparent to everyone that she didn’t hear a word. Her mind wanders and she meanders on about vaguely related topics but can never concentrate on the actual conversation.

If she was a family member then we would all become both worried and concerned for her. This is a poor old woman who still tells herself that the 20 plus leaders across Europe respect her and are keen to help her in any way they can. She seems to be living in some sort of a late-1940’s movie.

It doesn’t help the poor old soul that she is surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who are all telling her she is wonderful while all plotting for the day she falls and they can move in on the top job.


Here’s a clip from, of all outlets, The Telegraph highlighting how she is now incapable of answering the simplest of questions. More to be pitied than scorned?

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