We’ve Had Enough Of May Trying To Re-Write History

It is no point relying on the likes of the BBC or Sky to tell us anything like the full story. If we are lucky they do get caught out in a live interview though.

Listening to May-Day this morning you would have thought it was her first day in office. On a day when we learn that 7 people have lost their lives on a night out and at least another 48 injured, some of them seriously, it would have been nice if she had been honest for once.

That is something that she doesn’t seem to be able to be capable of now.

the last 7 years

The most frightening fact she likes to forget is that when she took-over as Home Secretary there were 143,769 police officers. As the so-called Prime Minister today there are 124,066.

Peter Kirkham is a former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector. He does “know a bit” about policing. Listen to him here telling May-Day the things she doesn’t want to hear –

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