Tessa No-Mates – Who Needs Enemies With ‘Friends’ Like These?

May-Day looks pretty lonely at the moment. Hardly surprising. She calls a General Election, that she didn’t need, three years before time and then makes a total bollox of it! Loses seats, loses her majority and is then forced to get into bed with the homophobic, seemingly misogynistic, DUP. No wonder her Twitter account has lost shed loads of Followers!

Clearly, at a time like this, you would expect those near to you, in fact the ones who were given a Cabinet seat by you, would rally around and offer support both personally and publically. Ha! Not a chance!!

David Dumbarse Davis, Flaccid-Phil Hammond, Boorish Johnson and Amber Rude couldn’t be more distant from her if they had all hopped on a shuttle to the moon! They can all smell rotting flesh and do not want to be seen anywhere near it.

On top of which, as is very obvious, they each have an eye on her current job.

It’s pretty obvious May will not last the five years this parliament is supposed to last. So how long will she last? We can’t help thinking that the Party Conference date is going to be key to her tenancy at Number 10.

It is difficult to imagine the tory faithful wanting to greet May to rapturous applause after this debacle. Seems far more likely that they will use it to crown their new leader. Who that is going to be is any bodies guess but it will probably be one of the fading four friends.

all four

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