May – The Most Ineffectual PM In Recent History?

She is so tied down that all she can do is surround herself with the very people responsible for her downfall! The Famous Five, who are all looking to, metaphorically, stab her in the back, are the closest things she has to friends to call upon in the ‘New’ Cabinet.

She is unable to move any of them so, as far as Number 10 is concerned, there is nothing to see here, just move on quietly! Clearly her arrogance persists or is she simply in denial that the public don’t really like her very much?

It’s not like she needs the money. You’d have thought that, of all people, Phil May might have had a quiet word. He could do himself, along with the rest of us, a really big favour by suggesting that, “Now might be a good time for us to bugger off, what do you think?”

That would probably be the best thing for all concerned, after all, humiliation is such an ugly word.

all five

. .. … …. and then there were five.

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