What An Utter Shambles As May Has To Cancel The Queen’s Speech For Now

Tory ministers doubt that the Queen’s Speech can be delivered as had been previously arranged for the 19th. Following her arrogant call for a General Election she suddenly finds she doesn’t have a majority of 200, oh no, she doesn’t have any majority!!!

The hold-up is because for May-Day to cling on to Number 10 she must sell her soul to the DUP. A party with just 10 seats and only 292,316 votes – yes, that’s right – the country is being held to account by less than 300,000 voters. Great job May-Day, a really great job.

One of the BBC Tory reporters said there was an “ambiguity” about both what would go in the Queen’s Speech – with several manifesto pledges expected to be watered down or dropped – but also the need for the Tories to “nail down” DUP support.

For once Tim Farron said something sensible when he said: “This is an utter humiliation for Theresa May. It is time to stop trying to cling to power and time to admit enough is enough.”

As if we didn’t know these few days have confirmed that May-Day has absolutely no interest in the country or the rest of us. She is interested in what is good for the Tory party but, above everything, her real concern is for Theresa May, first, second, third and fourth.

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