This Is ALL Down To Cameron, No Wonder He Ran Away

The utter mire we are in is entirely due to Dodgy-Dave Cameron. If that idiot hadn’t called a Referendum we didn’t need then May-Day would not have become our so-called Prime Minister.

If she never became our so-called Prime Minister we would never have had a spur of the moment General Election. Without a General Election May-Day would not be in the shite she is in now.

If she wasn’t in the shite she would NEVER have invited the DUP along to Number 10. Her own ego has left us in such a shite-hole it beggars belief.

Yet somehow the BBC, and the majority of our media, still lick the arse of any tory they can find. That’s who the media work for and it is about time everybody else learnt that.

she will do anything

The REAL Prime Minister and her Deputy.

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