Brexit, May, The General Election And The Queen

Let me see if we’ve got this right.

So May-Day calls a General Election because she is so arrogant that she thinks she will increase her majority and this will ‘strengthen’ her position in the Brexit talks.

She actually manages to lose seats and actually lost so many that she loses her overall majority.

The only way she can cling on to be able to call herself the Prime Minister is to join hands with the DUP.

The problem is that the DUP fundamentally voted to stay in Europe and certainly demand the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland remains an open one.

As a result of all this May-Day has been forced to delay the Queen’s Speech, which marks the Opening of Parliament, until later in the week yet is still going ahead with talks about Brexit on Monday. Remember that Brexit was what she wanted the increased majority for which she didn’t achieve.

To really put the cat among the pigeons, May-Day has also told us that not only is she delaying the Queen’s Speech this year but she is also looking to cancel it for next year.

We can’t help thinking it’s all getting just a little bit too much for the poor old lady.

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