Eddie Mair Pins Boorish Johnson’s Arse To The Wall Yet Again!

This one is hilarious! Boorish is reduced, on several occasions, to the bumbling buffoon we know that he is. You can tell right from the start that he is struggling as you can hear him flicking through his papers, read ‘his script’, trying to find what it is he is supposed to say!

It gets even funnier later on as the Bullingdon Bully Boy, who so obviously thinks it is his right to be Prime Minister, tries to defend Tess May-Day and offer her his support.

Eddie does a brilliant job and just keeps ripping strips off of him and pinning them up on the wall!!

The LINK will take you to the whole hour and you need to slide is up to 25:50 to hear the start of the Calamity-Clown and it ends at 35:40.

Boris Johnson is interviewed by Eddie Mair on BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show

Boorish Struggles To Make Any Sense

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