Old Tory Woman Sells Our Country For Just 10 Seats

The ego of an old woman, who refuses to move home, has resulted in the ignoring of many of the 45.6% who voted for her in order to buy the 10 seats owned by the DUP.

election result

At the moment she is prepared to admit that these have cost us £1bn. If you imagine that it will end there then you clearly know nothing about the way May-Day operates. The Truth is a fairly vacuous concept over at Number 10 and has elastic edges when it suits her.

By next week it’ll be nearer to £1.5bn and then, when it completely unravels, who knows where it will end.

Remember that live Q & A where she took great delight in telling a nurse, “There is no magic money tree”? Well it seems there is when it comes to buying seats.


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