We Actually Agree With Ed Balls!!

Nobody here at the office can remember the last time that this happened but we actually agree with Ed Balls. Radiohead were ‘dirge-like’ at Glastonbury, no, let’s re-word that – Radiohead ARE dirge-like.

Now we are fully aware that we are not supposed to say things like and 6Music just wet themselves if any member of Radiohead so much as farts. The problem is, and let’s be honest here, their recordings make Leonard Cohen records sound positively upbeat and party-time!

The Big Balls said, “People around us chat through the songs, openly bored at the dirge-like offerings. And yes, there is a good reason why the large screens sit either side of the stage to help faraway audiences stay engaged; if you fill the feed with fuzzy, blurry, psychedelic pap, then it’s no wonder you lose your audience.”

radiohead 0

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