Westminster Dress Code: What Have The Boys From Exeter Started?

Well it all seemed like a joke when boys from the Isca Academy turned up wearing skirts because of the weather but maybe their protest has reached further afield than just Devon? They were protesting that they were not allowed to wear shorts to school while the girls could wear skirts.

Now it seems that the rules will change at the House of Commons when it comes to elements of the dress code. In a break with tradition, Speaker John Bercow said MPs should wear “business-like attire” but that it was not essential for this to include ties.

What on earth is it with ties? It’s a bit of cloth that allows you to be an individual when you can get away with simply wearing a plain white shirt. Does a tie make you hot? When it’s cold have you EVER seen anyone wear two of them??

At least if they don’t wear a tie then please, please do the top button up. The last thing we want to see is some hideous return to the 1970’s with buttons undone to reveal a horrible hairy or, worse, hairless chest! Nooooooo!


“Put A Tie On You Scruffy Git!”

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