Is Gollum Gove More Popular Than Tess Today?

The latest survey reveals that Tess May-Day is even more unpopular than she was on the day of the General Election. It is possible that the Call-Back-Kid, Gollum Gove, is now seen as more of a leader than she is!

May’s approval ratings were sky-high late April but the rate of decline for the so-called Tory leader has been described by experts as “remarkable”.

Robert Ford, a professor of political science at the University of Manchester reminded us all, “There have been a few occasions when the public have turned rapidly against a prime minister, for example Gordon Brown’s collapse in support in the autumn of 2007, when Vince Cable noted his ‘remarkable transformation… from Stalin to Mr Bean’.”

Will May last the summer? It’s looking less and less likely.

theresa-may less popular like me

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