So Where Was The Hunt Today To Explain What is Going On?

Well, we can only guess he was doing his usual trick and has gone into hiding. He shows that stupid face of his, with that supercilious grin on it, whenever he thinks he has good news. Funny how he runs for the hills when the news is grim. Gutless and spineless springs to mind.

For the first time since 2008 more nurses and midwives are the leaving the profession that are joining it. We have lost 1,783 of them in the year to March.

The Hunt will try and make-out that we still have more nurses and midwives than back 15 years ago but, as he NEVER mentions, there are more of us and even more of us who need care in later life. The thing to remember when he starts claiming ‘this and that’ is that it’s all bollox.

To make matters even worse, in April and May this year, there was a more dramatic fall in those leaving nursing and midwifery, with a further 3,264 workers going.

Other than retirement, the main reasons given for leaving were working conditions – including staffing levels and workload – personal circumstances and disillusion with quality of care to patients, according to a Nursing and Midwifery Council survey.

Other reasons included leaving the UK for jobs abroad and poor pay and benefits. Well, who’d have thought that?!?!?!


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