£35,000 For Ten Games Of Tennis? You Cannot Be Serious!!

Today saw players retire early in their first match yet they still picked-up £35,000 for turning-up. Martin Klizan lasted just 40 mins and Alexandr Dolgopolov extended that to 43 mins. Even our MPs would recognise that £35,000 for less than hour is a pretty good return!

So why is this significant? It’s about the way that our society recognises what is important and the only currency for that is cash. All this cobblers about ‘a calling’ is all bollox; you can’t take ‘a calling’ along to your local supermarket and use it to feed your family.

Discussions are going on, or so we are being fed told, about a pay rise for our Public Sector Workers. We have also witnessed so many tragedies across the country that our Emergency Services have been the first there to help, assist and save lives.

Out of this we have seen pointless politician after politician from the government telling us what we know already – we are all in debt to these people. Yet when it came to vote they cheered that a cap was maintained on their pay. What a bunch of arses!

We started with the payment of £35,000 for some performing monkeys to drop-out after less than hour. Worth casting an eye over the starting salaries of our key workers – remember: this is for a whole year, not just an hour!!

Public service workers pay

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