Shock As BBC Robbie Gibb Gets To Join Tess At Number 10

WTF is Robbie Gibb we hear you call. He was the ‘impartial’ editor of the Daily Politics and This Week, with Andrew Neil, along with the Tory Publicity show the Andrew Marr Show. All of this isn’t a shock because the tory-boy-Gibb worked for both Francis Maude and Michael Portillo in the past and his pointless brother, Nick Gibb, is one of those making an utter bollox of our education system.

What IS a shock, and must leave her devastated, is that Laura Kuenssberg didn’t get the post. The Number 10 groupie must have thought she was a shoe-in for the job!

Robbie Gibb follows a long line of those from the BBC who go on to work in Number 10. He replaces Craig Oliver who, you’ve guess it, used to work for the BBC as editor of the news! We simply can’t make shit like this up!!


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