Anne Marie Morris Joins A Very Unpleasant Number Of Nasty Party Members

She might be the latest one on the list but the Nasty Party has a history of them.

Anne Marie Morris, 2017, is the latest and claimed she had not intended to use the phrase and apologised “for any offence caused”. Notice she didn’t apologise for USING the phrase but only for any offence caused.

John Townend, 1993, really didn’t care and used the phrase, live on the BBC, during the Westminster Live programme. Only 37 MPs signed an early day motion criticising his comment.

George Gardiner, 1993, left everyone open mouthed. He leapt to the defence of his Nasty Party colleague saying he was, “amazed that anyone could see the honourable Member for Bridlington’s choice of words as racist; and commends him for expressing himself in terms that ordinary people can understand”. Staggering!

Lord Dixon-Smith, 2008, is another one who clearly uses it as part of his natural vocabulary. Having used the phrase in the House of Lords he said he had, “left my brains behind”. He added that the phrased had “slipped out without thinking”.

Gerry Forsbrey, 2012, used the phrase and didn’t appear to think there was much wrong with it. He pretty much dismissed the shock of others and said it was an, “old fashioned phrase and that people may well take offence at the language”.

Robert Fraser, 2010, used the phrase at the annual meeting of the Ratby & District Conservative Association at the Bulls Head Public House in Ratby. The council found that he had brought it into disrepute. Wow, that must have stung!

Peter Edwards, 2014, used the phrase on his local BBC Radio drivetime show. Again, he didn’t apologise for the phrase and only said it was “not his intention to cause anyone any offence”.

David Viney, 2001, decided to refer to himself in these terms in relation to the Trade Unions. Quite bizarre.

What is strange about all of these is that none of them seem to think they have done very much wrong. They offer some half-hearted apology but this is always because of the effect on those hearing it and never for what they said in the first place.

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