She Might Be The Education Secretary But We Don’t Think She’d Last Long In A Classroom Of Children

It seems a few journalists got Justine Greening all flustered and in a tizzy –hardly the sort of pressure she expects our teachers to deal with, hour after hour and day after day.

She got asked how she felt about the continued 1% pay cap on teacher’s pay while MPs paid themselves 1.4% on top of the 10% pay rise they had in 2015. She had a little hissy-fit and ran inside her house.

Confronted with the news that inflation is rising to 3%, Greening could only seek refuge back in her home – leaving the all-important Red Box out near the public footpath!

In her deluded little world, when Greening did re-emerge from the house, she refused to admit the cap could impact on recruiting and retaining teachers. The classic ‘Head in the Sand’ Tory Policy.

More than 27,500 teachers who trained between 2011 and 2015 had quit by last year, just over 23% of the 117,000 who qualified over that period. She doesn’t really imagine she could be PM, does she?

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