What Were Other MPs Doing While Spineless Hammond Was Avoiding Admitting What He Had Said?

The heartless, Spreadsheet Phil rushed to a TV studio this morning to claim that MPs were being nasty about him. At no point did he deny that he had claimed Public Sectors were “Overpaid” – not once. Adopting the typical slimy Tory attitude to people who ask them questions he ignored that and decided to talk about something.

Offering no apology whatsoever for his crass, insensitive remark all he pretended he was concerned about were leaks from cabinet meetings which, he claims, are supposed to be a private space.

This could almost be funny from this stuck up prat but he does imagine he will be the next leader of The Nasty Party when they stab May in the back during the conference holiday season.

The hideous, out of touch git has clearly forgotten what public sector workers have been doing in the last few months. Such as being very, very involved in 22 March: Westminster attack – 22 May: Manchester Arena bombing – 3 June: London Bridge attack – 14 June: The Grenfell Tower fire –19 June: Finsbury Park Mosque attack.

Meanwhile, over in the real world, Jeremy Corbyn was here in Dorset commemorating the Tolpuddle Martyrs along at Tolpuddle. Worth noting not a single Tory MP, although we have four across the county, made an appearance.

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