So What Did The Tories Hope Nobody Would Notice They Were Doing?

A bunch of slimy gits? Surely not! Yet here are few of the things they slipped out as they all ran away from scrutiny for the next 13 weeks. What a bunch of chancers!

The first one was they have dropped huge rail improvement programme’s while keeping the HS2 Folly. They have simply dropped plans to electrify lines on the Midland Main Line, Kettering, Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff, Swansea and around the Lake District.

Now we have the lowest number of Police for 30 years! Surprise, surprise that Official National Statistics show a 10% rise in recorded crime! Naturally the Home Office claim there is no connection between the two facts.

We now learn that we have fewer soldiers as well. So much for ‘National Security’. Since that slime-bag Fallon became Defence Secretary we have had a drop of 7,000 full-time soldiers.

Amazing to discover that Boorish Johnson produced a damning list of countries who simply ignore the concept of Human Rights. What he didn’t point out was that Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia are all on that list and we sell all of them weapons! Oh yes, our government is far more interested in making money from arms sales than the worries about anyone’s human rights. Remember that post-Brexit.

We also discovered that 52 former ministers just happen to have found jobs outside Westminster that are related to the roles they had as MPs. There are supposed to be rules about this piggy-backing but the body, which cost us £281,000 last year, have simply given up because they were set up but have no powers. Nice touch that!

Something else the Tories didn’t want getting out is their 89-page report that, in conclusion, says we do not have enough teachers of mathematics in our state schools. Hardly going to worry May or Greening though if we are honest.

It also seems that the Magic Money Tree was growing when it decided it wanted to take on a court case over Brexit. Somehow they managed to find £1.1 Million of our money in a case that they lost.

You’ll probably need a decent search engine to find more information on each of these ‘quietly released’ items because it’s unlikely the BBC will shout any of them from the rooftops!

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