Remember When Away-Day May Said That There Was No Magic Money Tree?

This is not what the mainstream media want to tell you.

When May became acting-PM on 13 July 2016, she reshuffled many Cabinet positions and numerous Tory ministers unceremoniously got the boot or quit. But now government departments have released their final accounts for 2016/17. They reveal the full extent of the ‘golden handshakes’, or hush-money as some have called it, to Tory ministers and MPs that were handed out by May-Day.

They include:

George Osborne £20,000

Baroness Altmann £19,723

John Whittingdale £16,887

Michael Gove £16,877

Nicky Morgan £16,877

Stephen Crabb £16,877

Mark Harper £10,000

Anna Soubry £7,920

Ed Vaizey £7,920

Dominic Raab £5,594

full set

Close On £140,000 Between Them – and there are many more.

LINK to HM documents.

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