Yet Another Tory Promise Exposed For The Porkie We All Guessed It Was

Back in February, when the Tories were just thinking about an election, they made lots of promises. One of them was that £415m would go to schools as part of a healthy-pupils capital programme, to pay for facilities that support sport, after-school activities and healthy eating. This was to come from a tax on soft drinks – the so called Sugar Tax that we were told will appear in April 2018.

Now last week Greening, who has no idea about schools or teaching, announced an extra £1.3 bn for our schools – spread over, the classic old Tory trick, 2 years.

Now the curious thing is that some of this £1.3bn will come from making savings of £315m from the healthy-pupils funding and that’s according to the Department for Education.

It seems the government now expects to receive less money than previously expected from the Sugar Tax and the Treasury is ‘topping up’ the fund to the original expectation of about £1bn.

The classic underhand Tory trick is that this is this part of the £415m but will now go towards general school funding. What a con-trick!

The ONLY thing you can be certain of with the Tories is that they will make a right song and dance about promising money but will then change their minds very, very late on a Friday afternoon. Slimy gits.

sugar tax is answer

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