Worries Over Chicken & Beef Already And Now Scotch Whisky Is Feeling Uneasy

Fears are starting to grow that along with our chicken and beef being sold off to the Americans, Scotch whisky could be the next included in a deal by Creepy Fox.

The fear is that any old strong, dark, cheap spirit could start calling itself Scotch from anywhere around the world. Given the trade is worth some £4bn a year to Scotland along with some 20,000 jobs and you can see why they might be a tad worried.

Scotland’s Economy Secretary Keith Brown said: “It is vital that we continue to have robust legal protection of Scotch whisky, which is why I have sought clarification from the UK government as to whether Scotch whisky featured in discussions during last week’s trade visit by the Secretary of State for International Trade. I am also demanding that the current EU regulations are guaranteed post-Brexit.”

All a Tory spokesperson could offer by way of comfort was the usual meaningless, empty response we have come to expect, “The UK government has a strong relationship with the Scotch Whisky Association and is working closely with the industry as we aim to secure the best possible deal for the whole of the UK.”

As we have learnt to our cost, the £1.5bn DUP bribe springs to mind, when they say ‘whole of the UK’ they actually mean the Tory Party.

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