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EU Negotiator: ‘No Decisive Progress’ On Brexit

Well, just look at our three, is it any surprise? Are these really the best May-Day can find? Says a lot about our failing so-called PM.

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The World Of Football Has Lost All Touch With Reality!

There has been too much money in football for years now. This year it has got totally out of control. Paying £40,000,000 for a player of very variable talent? One who is likely to spend most of his time ‘on … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson: A Right Clown Who Thinks He Is Important

Written by Rachel Sylvester and reproduced by Owen Jones. Please, Theresa May, for the sake of our country’s future, sack Boris Johnson. His continued presence as foreign secretary is a national humiliation. The influence of a leftwing Guardian columnist over the … Continue reading

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Bank Holiday Monday

The holiday is nearly over but what a day the England cricket team had today. From being nearly down and out they look like the most likely to win the match now if it is not a draw.

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A Quick Bank Holiday Up-Date

The table so far –

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Have A Good Bank Holiday!

We should all be back come Tuesday – write to you all then.

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Rather Than Sort Out Our Roads The Plan Is To Have 3 Lorry Convoys!

So the lead lorry will have a real driver while the other two will have people who just steer the things. In time they are looking to remove the 2 steering and leave it all with the front driver. Haulage … Continue reading

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