NOW Experts Warn Against Schools Doing Too Much!

Well, it did have to happen. Having had years of telling schools they needed to warn and protect their pupils from the ‘big bad world’ now the experts have decided they are doing too much!

Teachers are now accused of wrapping their pupils in cotton wool with concerns over their health and safety. Give us strength! Seems the latest expert is Amanda Spielman who? She claims that concern for the welfare of their pupils has stopped these children developing resilience and grit. She wants the education watchdog Ofsted to prepare new guidance for schools inspectors in England. SAS training maybe?

She seems to take particular exception to a line of pupils wearing high-viz vests on trips making them look like mini-builders minus the hard hats. According to Spielman every minute enforcing a ban on conkers and yo-yos was a minute away from tackling a multitude of real dangers. We’d love her to provide a list of ‘Real Dangers’.

The frightening thing about all of this is that Amanda Spielman is HM Chief Inspector of Education. We have been assured that she really isn’t ‘a bit of a nut job’.

high viz jackets

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