If Britain Was A Tad Brighter We Wouldn’t Have Voted For Brexit

You’ll like this from the University of Leicester. Researchers there say that all it needed was 3% more of the population to have gone on to a higher educational level for Britain to vote to Remain. They have found that the “predominant factor” whether people voted Leave or Remain was if they had been to university or accessed higher education.

Their research found that the level of higher education in an area was far more important than age, gender, the number of immigrants, or income in predicting the way an area voted. They also found that a lower rate of turnout – by just 7 per cent – would also likely have changed the result to Remain.

Dr Aihua Zhang, from the University of Leicester’s Department of Mathematics, said: “The EU referendum raised significant debate and speculation of the intention of the electorate and its motivations in voting. Much of this debate was informed by simple data analysis.”

Well we reckon it was down to two crucial factors. The first to blame are Cameron & Clegg and their introduction of tuition fees that put young people off of going on to higher education.

The other was Boorish Johnson and the other lying bastards who paraded this around town!

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