Donny Dump: The World Is Starting To Appreciate What A Very Nasty Little Man He Is

He can play the part of a loud bully but there is nothing to him. He is empty. Vacuous even. Pretty damn spineless as well as his dodgy knee come bad foot draft-dodging shows.

He prays on the weak. Those who have no financial clout and those with weak brains of little thought. He uses them to satisfy his own ego because as a human being he is extremely weak.

His world revolves around money and buying people to say they like him and that they will work for him as long as he keeps paying them. He feeds his supporters with promises that he knows full well he can never fulfil but when he fails he’ll find somebody to blame and scapegoat.

When the shit hits the fan it is never the fault of Donny Dump, never. He will always point the finger away towards someone else or some other group. He really is a gutless, spineless individual.

He’d feel quite at home in a cabinet put together by Tess May.


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