GCSE Students Being Kicked In The Teeth Before They Even GET Their Results

It could only happen in this country. A bunch of privileged, know-it-all, up their own bums want to diminish the achievements of our teenagers before they have even tasted success! What is it with these people who, for the most part, had a free education?

Having been told that under the exams that have adopted the new grading system a Grade 4 is a Pass it seems this isn’t good enough. With the ink still wet of the result sheets these are being described as a “Standard Pass” while a real pass is a Grade 5 which is now a “Strong Pass”.

This is all thanks to the Education Policy Institute – exactly, wtf are they? Apparently this bizarre thinking is required if we are to match the levels of achievement in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Now we can’t help thinking that if we are to match these achievements than there is a bloody sight more than just a few exam grades that needs to be put right in this country as the Tory gits suck and bleed it dry every single day.

Oddly enough the Education Policy Institute don’t actually mention any of these as they do the standard ‘cherry-picking’ of the elements that suit them and ignore everything else. We’ve heard about somebody else doing the exact same thing this week.

The so-called Education Secretary Justine Greening continued this ‘cherry-picking’ saying, “Rather than reporting on the “good pass”, we will instead distinguish between a grade 4 as a “standard pass” and a grade 5 as a “strong pass” and report on both.”

The phrase ‘arse and elbow’ springs readily to mind.


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