Rather Than Sort Out Our Roads The Plan Is To Have 3 Lorry Convoys!

So the lead lorry will have a real driver while the other two will have people who just steer the things. In time they are looking to remove the 2 steering and leave it all with the front driver.

Haulage drivers must be delighted to read that only a third of them will keep their jobs driving the big trucks. They say they will still need drivers to shuttle about between depot and the shops but they are not going to be paid the same.

It also means that dual-carriageways and motorways will lose a lane as the cars try to get past three long vehicles. Well that’s going to be easy!

What happens when one of the three breaks down? What happens with the other two?

What happens when one convoy of 3 catches up with another convoy of 3 and the poor car driver now has 6 lorries to get past? Has anybody thought this through?

The claim is that this will make goods in the shops cheaper because they will save on fuel. If you believe that then you probably still write to Santa.

The real hoot is that they are in to ‘branding’. They don’t want us calling this Convoy a Convoy. They want us to call it a Platoon. Now why do you think they might want to do that?

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