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Premier League Results

Life is looking grim for Crystal Palace.

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A Busy Weekend For All The Teams Coming Up

Condensed to just Saturday and Sunday this week – tough luck if you played in Europe!!

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Ben Stokes Questioned By The Police

He and Alex Hales will not be considered for any international cricket by England until further notice. Stokes, 26, was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and was then released without charge but remains under investigation. Video footage … Continue reading

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Bradford School Bans Lunchboxes Containing Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls & Pepperoni Sticks

Parents of pupils at the Shirley Manor Primary Academy in Bradford will be called if banned foods are found in their children’s packed lunches. It has banned these along with other “unhealthy” foods. Their school policy states that pupils are … Continue reading

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Subtle Little Dodges In Weights And Measures

It’s happening up and down the aisles of our supermarkets and now Jaffa Cakes have been hit with what is now known as ‘Shrinkflation’. A pack of Jaffa Cakes used to contain 12 cakes and weigh 150 grams. That’s 12.5 … Continue reading

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“Do You Have Anything To Declare?”

Custom authorities were alert to activity at the airport. There was a passenger who was seen to be behaving “suspiciously” in the departure lounge. He appeared to be in pain and had a little difficulty walking. The authorities thought that … Continue reading

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A Simple Message For Donny Dump

So clear and easy to understand. Even Donny Dump, with a little help, should be able to grasp the reaction to his latest rant and rave on Twitter. In simple language Donny they are telling you, as we would say … Continue reading

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Premier League Results

A good day for a lot of Away teams. Already some teams fate seems to be getting sealed.

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Tess Goes All The Way To Florence To Present A Face-Acting Masterclass

A wonderful performance and so, so much better without any sound.

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Premier League Fixtures

Lots to look forward to this weekend:

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