Let Us All Hope This Is The End Of The Road For The Very Unpleasant Jacob Ree-Smugg

There is no need for us to add any further comment – Ree-Smugg is a nasty little git and always has been. He thinks because he has money he can do and say what he likes. He is the last person, in a civilised society, who should ever be able to claim to ‘Represent the People’. He doesn’t – simple as that.

We suspect this bollox about wanting to be the Nasty Party leader is all a dead-cat strategy to draw the media away from the utter shambles being constructed by Davis, Fox and Johnson. They have no negotiating skills between them and the loyal Ree-Smugg has been happy to play the part.

Here is all you need and don’t need to know about the Smuggest Tory Git currently in the Commons.



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