Teacher Shortage: Tory Complacency Exposed Yet Again

Ignore the utter cak that Greening and Gibb come out with: schools started in September with rising numbers of teacher vacancies. Don’t take our word for this, this is what the leading specialist recruiters say.

September vacancies were up a quarter on two years ago, one company, Eteach, said. They said they had “never seen so many unfilled posts”, while heads are said to be “moving heaven and Earth” to get enough staff. Another, TeachVac, saw a 15% rise over two years to the end of August.

As you would expect all the Tory-Twats could come out with was that more teachers are entering the profession than leaving! This, it seems, is something they are proud of!! They were, however, forced to reveal that the target for recruiting trainee teachers for 2017 would be missed for the fifth year in a row! Five years missed!

One of the major drawbacks of all of this is the; “If you don’t appoint them then your school goes short” syndrome. Some Heads will end up with new staff who are, to put it nicely, not quite up to the mark. It means that the ongoing recruitment crisis results in many having to use supply staff on a long-term routine basis and non-specialist teachers for subjects like maths and physics.

Head Teacher Geoff Barton said: “Schools have moved heaven and Earth to put teachers in front of classes for the start of this academic year, and in many cases will be using stop-gap solutions to deliver courses.

“What we must have is a permanent fix.”

Again, the Dept. for Education came out with a half-arsed comment claiming that “there are now more teachers in our schools than ever before – 15,500 more since 2010.” What they leave out is that we NEED more teachers because there are MORE PUPILS than ever before!!5611 teachers-wanted

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