“Do You Have Anything To Declare?”

Custom authorities were alert to activity at the airport. There was a passenger who was seen to be behaving “suspiciously” in the departure lounge. He appeared to be in pain and had a little difficulty walking. The authorities thought that they might just be on the trail of a drug smuggler.

One of the officials said, “He was called for a thorough screening after customs officers noticed him walking with difficulty and appearing to be in pain.”

Now when he says “thorough” that is exactly what he means. Imagine their surprise when they discovered the man was hiding 904 grams of gold wrapped in black plastic sheets, including seven yellow “biscuits” and six chains. In total they were worth well over £22,000.

Now the tricky thing is, how can one put this? They were hidden up his bum. Yes, Papillon style! All of that was stuffed right up his rectum.

It seems he was working as a courier for an organised smuggling ring. Sounds like he was the one with a bum-deal. LINK

gold bar 5_

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