Bradford School Bans Lunchboxes Containing Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls & Pepperoni Sticks

Parents of pupils at the Shirley Manor Primary Academy in Bradford will be called if banned foods are found in their children’s packed lunches. It has banned these along with other “unhealthy” foods.

Their school policy states that pupils are ‘encouraged’ to show their packed lunches to staff before and after they have eaten.

The inspection of packs are also on the look-out for fruit squash and flavoured water. They are also alert to other products that they have decided are high in salt and saturated fat.

The bizarre thing is that following the inspection these products are removed but then handed back at the end of the day – when, presumably, the hungry pupils will then eat them!

Some parents are not too keen on this move by the school and Mr Fryer said, “It’s my job as a parent to decide what my child eats, not the school.”


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