Now It’s The One Pound Coin – Is There Anything We Can Organise These Days?

Officially the old £1 pound will be no-more come this Sunday. Of course that is pure nonsense! There are still 500 million old pounds in circulation!! Who comes up with these ideas? Come Sunday!

Small businesses and now large Supermarkets have said this is ridiculous time-frame. Quite right too. They will not give out any old pound coins but they say they will continue to take them in.

They accept that we need the new coin because counterfeiting is getting out of hand but why the rush to get the old ones in? Sounds like people with a spreadsheet and the time frame looked nice when they coloured it in.

As one would imagine the clueless, witless civil servants at the Treasury, following the commands of their politicians, come out with the usual trite: On Monday, the Treasury was adamant that consumers should get swapping or spending their old coins now!

The typical “we know best” response. That’s why Brexit is such a calamity.

Andrew Jones visit to G4S

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