Seriously, How Much Longer Can May-Day Hang On By Her Fingernails?

The poor old lady is so far out of her depth it has now reached the point of being a farce.

It’s hard to imagine WHY she wants to carry on as our acting Prime Minister. What on earth does she ‘get’ out of doing it? She gets more and more vague with each week that passes and constantly has to pretend to the world that everything is hunky-dory.

Who does she think she is kidding? Certainly not the majority of the public.

It can only be those higher up the Tory food chain who want to keep her on because they know they can get her to do and promise anything they want. It’s the only thing that makes any sort of sense!

We have had some pretty crap PMs in our past, Gordon Brown springs instantly to mind, but surely May will be given a separate chapter all on her own for being the most clueless with absolutely no rapport with the population whatsoever. Even her friends must admit she has no social skills whatsoever – not much of a strength if you want to inspire and lead people!!


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