Ofsted Suddenly Realise That Teaching To The Test Is A Tad Restrictive

Well who’d have thunk it? You pitch school against school and link the results to funding and then wonder why it goes wrong! Well Ofsted do but then they are all up their own bums!

Classroom teachers told them from day one but Ofsted just ignored them in the usual ‘we know best’ arrogance we have come to expect.

Ofsted are so removed from the day-to-day work of a classroom it really is frightening. It never occurred to them that the first thing any pupil will ask, backed up by their parents, is, “will this be on the test?” When they realise that it isn’t then the response isn’t difficult to imagine.

The genius who has realised that teachers do know what they are talking about is Amanda Spielman. It has finally dawned on her that teaching-to-the-test is at the expense of a “rich and full knowledge”.

What she doesn’t seem to have grasped yet is that it is NOT the schools that need to change but the entire philosophy that pervades through Ofsted and its political masters. Not much chance of that with this current bunch of idiots.

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